Husky Tools and Blake Wallenda

We work with many companies to produce creative solutions for marketing campaigns, events, and so much more. Here is a project we complected in October of 2017, that was just made public and we can finally tell you about it!

The Back Story

The Imperial OPA Circus was approached by a fantastic local media company Encyclomedia ( Encyclomedia  challenged us to come up with circus stunt ideas to demonstrate the power of Husky tools. After a few meetings, a bunch of sketches and phone calls we came up with the Wire walking stunt.

Then the fun started.

We sourced a local welder Pablo, to help design a few wire walking base pedestals. Contacted many wire distributes to find the right gauge wire to use. Bought Husky Locking Pliers and began to design the wire stunt.

In the process of sourcing materials, we also looked into our extensive list of circus contacts and found the perfect artist, the high-wire walker Blake Wallenda.

Blake is a 7th generation wire walker, and his balance is unmatched! Blake's insights to the design process was invaluable.

The pre production process took about a month in total. From initial meeting, to sourcing products, to assembly and finally to shoot.

Shoot Day

It was a rainy day in Atlanta GA and it an early morning call time.

Our team arrived on site, set up the wire walking rig,  did a few tests, and it was time. Blake arrived on site, and went right to work like a pro. The lights came up, the cameras turned on and magic was made!

Check out the Video and let us know your thoughts about it.

** This video shoot was a one time stunt that was created in a controlled and safe environment with many professionals on hand, and overseeing the shoot.  DO NOT substitute proper rigging and safety equipment and standards anytime. Safety is very important as is the proper rigging equipment. We do not endorse the use of Locking Pliers for rigging, wire walking or in any event that your life or healthy can be effected. They are strong tools that are great for many things - but they are not made to be used for rigging, please do not use them to replicate this stunt or in rigging, anytime.
Blake Wallenda

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