Artist Insight:

Chris & Elaina Steele - Captain & Maybelle

1: What is your name and stage name or company if you have one?

We are Chris & Elaina Steele, and we perform as “Captain & Maybelle”.

2: What is your skill, craft, profession, or industry that you are in… In your own words?

We are contemporary sideshow entertainers that perform world record breaking stunts! Our skills include including sword swallowing, fire breathing, The Human Blockhead and more!

3: What got you interested in, or involved with circus?


4: What is the biggest challenge you faced in your professional career so far?

Chris: My biggest challenge has been learning how to carry the crowd, talk to the audience. I knew I had the actual skill , or stunt, accomplished, but it was more important for me to be a polished, witty entertainer. I am now incredibly comfortable and confident on the microphone.

5: What is one fond memory you have of the circus?

Seeing grind shows on the traveling midways when I was a kid.

6: Where do you see your professional career going, where would you like to end up?

We feel like we’re living the dream now, but we can’t wait to live on the road, traveling everywhere!

7: If you could change one thing about your field in the circus in the present, present or future … What would it be?

Cell phone use! It’s not industry specific, but it is a common and accepted occurrence now. Put down the phone and watch the show in front of you, not through your screen. Enjoy LIVE entertainment!

8: What is the one best piece of advice you can give to someone starting off in this field?

Learn how to be a good talker, an entertaining personality, before you learn the dangerous stunts.

9: If someone wanted to learn more about you or what you do, where should they go?

10: Is there anything else on your mind about circus or this field you would like the reader of this to know?

Lift each other up, don’t knock each other down!

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To address all these points and many more, we present the Artist Insights program. This program is aimed at interviewing people and spreading knowledge and supporting those around us on their search for knowledge. We hope you enjoy reading the blog posts form time to time from various artists.

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