The Imperial OPA's Areas of Expertise

Short and simple: We provide entertainment.

A whole lot of entertainment!


Four Main Points to Know:

Entertainment Fulfillment

Circus Production

Unlimited Ideas

Classes and Workshops

We have a core group of AMAZING performing artists, and we network and partner with an even larger selection of astounding performing artists! You have an event, we have the artists.

With such a group of talented artists, it’s only natural to produce your own shows, and this is what we do. From concept to performance, we make it all happen.

Do you have a space that is opening and you would like to celebrate it in a new way? Perhaps a festival and seek something different to energize it? We provide creative brainstorming and can design an entertainment package to fit your needs and budget.

Looking for a fun team building experience, or unique entertainment for your company picnic or holiday party? We can teach you or your company some of our skills. Contact us today and learn more about the classes and team building workshops we can offer you!

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The Imperial OPA prides itself on our team of highly skilled fire artists. We provide both safety and skill in the handling of the most dangerous element.

Fire arts is a type of performance when a performing artist covers a performance tool or prop in fuel, then lights it ablaze. While the prop is “alive” with fire, the artist manipulates in ways that defy common sense. Hypnotizing and magical is the best way to describe it. The most dangerous forms of this art are fire eating and fire breathing where the artist puts the flame in their mouth, or lets out a ball of fire from their lips.

The Imperial OPA is fortunate to work with some of the most skilled aerial dancers on the planet. Our artists in our network of performers provide that magical wish of flight. Live vicariously through the magical sight of people lighter than air playing on Silks, Rope, a static Trapeze, Lyra, Sling, or a wide variety of other devices.

Aerial Arts is when a performing artist attaches a device onto a rig point high above the performance space, then proceeds to do drops and spins, putting their lives on the line every time for your enjoyment!

  • Silks/Aerial Fabric : Long lengths of fabrics that are hung from points high above, sometimes know as "tails" or  "tissue", they are the modern staple of aerial arts.
  • Lyra/Aerial Hoop: A round ring that spins around as an artists poses and move on and within. The circle of the Lyra makes for great framing and shapes.
  • Static Trapeze: A classic in circus and stage performances, this apparatus consists of a bar suspended from a pair of ropes that a talented artists performances feats of strength and flexibility on.
  • Rope/Corde Lisse: A long length of rope that a powerful artists climb up, dangle from in unique ways, and performs death-defying drops from.
  • Custom Props: Sometimes artists suspend other props from points and performers on them such as a star shaped hanging apparatus, crescent moon, or cube.  We can make custom props that can fit your event!

Pin, clubs or balls, to cracking a whip or balancing feathers, we work with artists that possess an ability that is honed in the forge of dedication and time.

Dancers that are either men or woman will come and add that special something to any event! Their energy will help your events or product launch shine above the rest. The perfect mix of class, interactivity, and grace to leave any crowd in smiles!

  • Gogo dancers : Are performers coming from a dance background that can come to your event and help get the crowd moving (*no one likes to be the first on the dance floor, but our dancers love to be the first)
  • Burlesque Artists : Are performers who perform tasteful strip teases and playful stage acts that harold back to the golden age of stage entertainment.
  • Show Girls / Promotional Models : Are artists who can help elevate the class of any event, and help present your vision in the best light. Most times in big feather head dresses or costumes, they smile and pose for photos!

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The Imperial OPA works with some of the best illusion and Magical performers in the SE. Most of these artists are internationally known, and can perform in complete silence or on a stage or with a set soundtrack.

Our artists are also skilled in the strolling or ambient entertainment. They can work a room leaving it entertained without causing big distractions that may take away from other events happening.

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there are few joys in the world greater than watching someone tumble across the floor and leap through the air with the greatest of ease. Our tumblers and gymnasts have toned and honed their body into elegant moving art.

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No event is complete without a really tall person giving high-fives! Are stilt walkers start at about 7 ½ feet tall. They have danced at nightclubs and walked around the city in numerous parades. If you’re looking to have something stand out at your next event, we suggest looking up stilt walkers!

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Our psychics have numerously receive lines around facilities, and praise for their abilities. There are sought after in the Southeast, and have amazing intuition and insight that is far beyond that of the common person. We know you want to book one for your next event!

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The sideshow arts, some consider them taboo, some consider them to gross, and others are just enthralled and amazed at what the human body can withstand! From sword eaters to human blockhead’s, glass walkers and all manner of stuff in between, we got you covered.

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this is a new idea the circus is starting in 2014, we come to your restaurant or establishment and host an interactive dinner theater. The theaters show can be designed to fit a message or idea you’re promoting, or if you just like a fun evening we can provide an interactive script and amazement!

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Having event in looking for some up close combat? We have gladiators that battle in swords and shields, these are perfect for backyard birthday parties or for that special surprise at your next corporate luncheon.

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The Imperial OPA can also facilitate the creation of custom props or puppets that can fit your events needs. From custom fabrication of stage elements or performance props we can and have provided this service for many clients.

we have provided entertainment on ongoing basis for various clubs throughout Atlanta and love to talk to you about making partnership opportunities and help add to the overall energy and excitement of your nightclub or restaurant!

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wWe have been providing outstanding entertainment for corporate clients such as auto trader, Coca-Cola, credit unions and architectural firms. We understand the need to provide quality entertainment while keeping a professional atmosphere. We understand also you are a busy person, we can handle everything from the booking to the setting up of the entertainment.

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we work with performing artists who perform classical music to more contemporary artists the perform electronic music or DJs. If you’re thinking of having a reception for fun get together let us help you find a musical win!

artist painted all in gold or artists that are shaped look like statues, these performers always get a great rise out of the audience when they mistake them for an actual statue!

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the true passion of the Imperial OPA circus, lays in its desire to do stage productions and touring shows! If you’re looking for something truly astounding that will leave people talking, contact us today and let’s discuss during a stage production. We can feature your product event or idea, and intertwined that with the unique scripts, fun props, and a truly remarkable time.

having a birthday party or perhaps you are looking to raise the energy up with some silly smiles and goofy times? A clown or a mine is the best way to do this! This silly antics and fun faces will leave the crowd smiling all the time!

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the above are all just samplings of what we offer. We are always reaching out and connecting with unique performers and artists the world over. If you have an idea or vision you like to see accomplished we will do our best to see it through. OPA