New Year Funding Drive for 2016

//New Year Funding Drive for 2016

New Year Funding Drive for 2016

Progress Towards Funding Goal:

Total Raised 1%

Big Thank You's to our Contributors:

  1.  Amy  : $107.53


Make a contribution and get your name or a link added here to our funding page! OPA!

New Year Funding Drive for 2016

Help with the ongoing growth and success of your local Circus.

The Imperial OPA Circus is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas. Fractured atlas is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions for the purposes of The Imperial OPA Circus are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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The Imperial OPA Circus 2015

Hello Friends and Fans of The Imperil OPA Circus! 

Welcome to 2016, a new year filled with new adventures, new outings, and many more times for you to come and have some fun with your circus!

As we enter into 2016, your circus, The Imperial OPA Circus, is asking for some support. We must raise funds to cover yearly insurance, and operating costs such as taxes and organizational fees. The total for both of these items together is $9, 587.27

  • Insurance - $4,453.77
  • Taxes/Operating costs - $5,133.50

Total: $9, 587.27

We are reaching out to the community of our friends and supporters to encourage you to make a tax-exempt donation. Any and all funds raised will go towards paying down our balance for insurance and operating costs, best part its tax-exempt if you use this link -

Last year The Imperial OPA was able to provide discounted or free entertainment services to over 10 events, we also did over 15 community events were we invited you out to come and join us, for free! In total with your support last year we donated over 300 collective hours of entertainment! This year we wish to do more.

Any amount of a donation if welcomed, from $1 up.

If you donate $500+, as a thank you we will send you an autographed photo of the OPA team - signed by the cast! OPA_Team_2015

 If you Donate $1,000+, as a thank you we will send you a punch folded 1/2 dollar ring from 1976. Just let us know your ring size!


Half Dollar Ring
 If you Donate $2,000+, our ringmaster will invite you to his home (*or come to your home) for a 1 on 1 fire eating class followed by a glass of wine (*good for 2 people). (*If you do not want to eat fire, you can have a 1 on 1 demonstration).  Fire_Eating_Date_for_2
 If you Donate $5,000+, as a thank you we will set up a private 45 minuet show for you and a group of friends. (*Location is TBD)  corporate_party

Follow this link to make your donation today!  -