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They both were great and the performances were high quality. The juggler was great and very good with the hordes of under 6 yr olds that were there. They loved the balloon animals. My only problem is how I'm going to top the party next year around this time. I'll keep you in my contacts and give you a call around this time next year.
Ryan J, Private Party
Great job on Saturday! You were an awesome addition to the event!
Lynn L, Marketing & Event Specialist
Everyone absolutely loved the acts & we're very happy with everything!
Sarah F, The Centrics Group.
it was a last-minute booking, but you all came through with Stars & Stripes! I am definitely using you for next corporate event! Thanks guys and OPA! lol
Paul S, Event Planner
I never booked fire entertainment before, however after seeing your show I am going to bring you back to my birthday party every year.
Ryan D, Private Party
London A, Emory University
Thank you so much for your participation at the Game of Thrones event Sunday. From all accounts it was a great success and your team was instrumental in making that happen. Thank all of them for us.
Lily S, HBO
You guys were absolutely wonderful, and we hope to have even more of your performers working with us next year. We have received countless questions regarding who our fabulous roving performers and aerialist were and where we found I have gladly given them all your name!
Hannah G, Special Events Coordinator
Thank you again for the amazing work you guys did yesterday. The attendees loved it and your performance really made the show.

You have found the right place for corporate party entertainment!

Buckhead Imperial Circus understands the needs of high end clients like yourself. You want an experience, you want it memorable, you want it fun and, you want it professional.  We know this and make it part of our 4 points of greatness at all events.

Buckhead Imperial Circus has provided professional entertainment and corporate event entertainers to the greater SE Since 2008. With a distinguished list of happy repeat customers such as Coke, Emory University, and Moxie , we excel at providing clean entertainment, upscale class and experiences for any private or corporate party. Save

When your thinking about Entertainment at corporate events - Think Buckhead Imperial Circus

Contact us today and lets discuss your entertainment vision.

Below are the 4 points we aim to deliver at all events and a bit more about why they are important to the success of your next event.

Corporate entertainment needs to be Engaging. It gives guests a shared experience to enjoy, opening more doors for hand-shakes and further business. The performers should walk threw the crowd and Engage with guests, encouraging them to smile and meet each other.
The second key of a successful event is for it to be Memorable. Give your clients something to associate your name with, a Memorable and fun night of entertainment. When they call you back for business you can an ice breaker ready to go, to help make business more human and personable.
We understand its more then just a great party on the line. We have worked with many high end corporate clients and understand the needs. That an event like this, is more then a way to cut lose, but also a professional arena. You have people of mixed social and religious backgrounds, and you want to make sure your politically correct while still engaging. Its a fine line, however its a fine line we walk with great skill.
The last of our 4 points to a great party is that it should be fun. People should have a smile on at least once, or remark about what a fun time they are having. Above all else, if people are enjoying themselves, you will be making life long business contacts.