Welcome to The Imperial OPA Circus

Founded in October of 2009, the Imperial Opa Circus is a theatrical entertainment company based in Atlanta, Georgia. We have one motto that underlies everything we do: Inspire, Create, and Do Good.
We strive to deliver a fully engaging entertainment experience that’s as unique, vibrant, and unforgettable as our guests; we want to “wow” everyone every time. With a contemporary circus approach, The Imperial Opa presents itself as a family of performers and musicians with cabaret influences and Vaudevillian style acts. Through storytelling, costuming, performance and circus arts, and live music from The Imperial Opa Band, we hope to immerse audiences in an atmosphere of fantasy and amazement. Although our shows are always changing, you may see stage and street performances, busking, a menagerie of over-sized puppet animals, otherworldly creatures, and beautiful costumes. Unlike traditional circuses, we bring the party out of the big-top and into your world! You are more likely to find us playing in the park, lighting up a party at the museum, or bringing the streets to life at an outdoor festival than in any traditional circus venue. With the goal to inspire others, we bring magic and beauty into the real world.
Although we have a strong company of core performers, Opa’s network of guest artists is constantly growing and evolving. Our shows include both company and guest acts. This gives new and apprentice performers the chance to practice and refine their crafts in front of a real audience, while giving our full-time cast members time to recharge between their many routines and maintain a high level of performance quality overall. The Opa’s Production/Creation crew is comprised of Atlanta’s most talented artists, sculptors, puppet makers and puppeteers. Always striving for visually unique and approachable puppets and props, The Opa Production crew takes pride in producing innovative and exciting stage designs, creatures, effects, and magic.
Appealing to both adults and children, The Imperial Opa Circus works with many local organizations, schools, festivals, parades and non-profits. One of our proudest collaborations was for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, in association with Jyl Craven Hair Salon, producing a fundraising event for the hospital. Other productions and collaborations include:
  • The Zac Brown bands music video "Goodbye in her eyes"
  • Fox stage New Year's 2012 with the band Cake
  • The Hambidge Art Center - Fund Raiser
  • “Luminosity” - A Major Public Art show in the heart of Atlanta - Guest Company
  • “The Art of Such and Such” - Eye Drum Gallery - Performance
  • Chomp and Stomp Chili Festival - Performance
  • Little Five Points Halloween Parade and Performance
  • “Vampire Diaries” - National TV series - Featured Performance
  • East Atlanta Strut (multiple years in a row) - Parade and Performance
  • High Museum of Art - Performance with Band “The Back Pockets”
  • Atlanta Steets Alive - 2009 & 2010 - Performance
  • El Fantasma Circus - Push Push Theater - Guest Company
  • “Night of the Living Circus” - Opa Fund Raiser - Goat Farm Production
  • Blue Tower Galleries - Performance
  • Castleberry Hills Art Walk - 2009 & 2010 - Parade and Performance
  • Ninja Puppet Theater - Eye Drum Gallery - Performance
  • And many more

Who Is The Imperial OPA

To provide entertainment the meets and exceeds our clients and guests expectations.
Perform with Passion and energy and you will be successful!
We will never give less the 100% to our clients, guests and fans. If we do otherwise, let us know!
The Imperial OPA has a strong 4 + year record on delivering great entertainment to the South east and beyond!
Exciting and approachable performance styles, combined with unique and artistic puppetry and musical wonderment make The Imperial Opa Circus one of Atlanta’s most diverse and entertaining entertainment troupes. Excitement, entertainment and uncommon people doing wondrous things! This is The Imperial Opa Circus—creative entertainment to enchant, dazzle, and amaze.